Bus lines Sarande – Athens, Sarande – Ioannina – Athens, Athens – Sarande

Bus line Sarande – Athens, Sarande – Ioannina – Athens, Athens – Sarande. The passenger transport company Butrinti Travel operates on the line Sarande – Athens every day on the itinerary as follows:
Departure from Saranda: Time: Departure from Athens Time:
Sarande – Ioannina – Athens 06:00 Athens – Sarande 08:00 (with Greek clock)
Sarande – Ioannina – Athens 18:00 Athens – Sarande 20:00 (Greek time)
Apart from the comfort of travel and the safety of the arrival to the destination (Athens but also the cities where the line goes), the Butrint Travel Service serves travelers who come with the Athens-Saranda line with the van line, which distributes the travelers to the villages , to the far corners of the Saranda district.
Telephone from the agency in Saranda
085226690, 0692791702 and 0696393602
The agency in Athens can be found
Sant Konstandinou 56-60
Telephone agency in Athens
+30 2105310105 and +30 2105222242